The City of Chains

Quest Log, March 20th 2017

Doru & Donovich: Part 1

The group started to deal with Doru, while trying to keep Priest Donovich away from their investigation.

-Ireena and Ismark asked the party to help them hold a proper funeral for their late father. They are considering it also a test of mettle by which to evaluate the party as possible associates for their unrevealed plans for Strahd von Zarovich.

-Elysia told Ismark about finding the letter. Ismark was initially suspicous of the group, as Strahd is known to have knowledge of things without evidence.

-Father Donovich, Priest of the Morninglord, has agreed to perform the funeral service at dawn tomorrow. Before then, you must dig the grave in the graveyard behind the church, and bring the body shortly before dawn. The party forced him asleep while digging the grave so that they could investigate undisturbed. Mid-fight with Doru, Badger woke him up.

-The group discovered the starved young man Doru under the church’s floorboards. Upon being fed blood from Badger, Doru had the strength to break down the door keeping him trapped, and moved to flee the church while the party attacked him. The church is now on fire

-The Vistani traders who escorted the group into the village invited them to see Madam Eva, the matriarch of the Vistani. She is currently at the main Vistani encampment at Tser Pool, to the Southwest of Barovia Village

-There is noise coming from a house in Barovia Village. Ismark dismissed that as “Mary being Mary”

-Kairon saw an elderly lady pushing a cart from door to door, trying to sell her goods. She fled when seeing Kairon approach

-The man in the reflective surfaces was trying to manifest in the smoke resulting from the skirmish with Doru


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