Ireena Kolyana

Adopted Noble


Ireena is a lithe young woman, with auburn hair and the cobalt blue skin tone of Barovian denizens. She is strikingly beautiful, and wears what appears to be ceremonial armor over a set of noblewomen’s riding leathers.

Since leaving Barovia Village, she hides the high quality armor with a simple traveling cloak. She also wields an impressive looking fencing sword.


Ireena Koylana is the adopted daughter of the late Burgomaster, Kolyan Indirovich. Kolyan wrote a letter saying that she afflicted by an evil that the village is unable to defend against.

Ireena and her brother Ismark have enlisted the adventurers to give their late father a proper burial. The party accomplished this, so she and her brother asked the party to escort them to the village of Krezk, by way of Vallaki

Ireena Kolyana

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