Madam Eva

Vistani Matriarch


Madam Eva is an elderly woman, with blind eyes. Unlike other Vistani, she does not have any blue tint to her skin. She wears the similar patchwork and colorful clothes of the Vistani, but hers are obviously much more ornate


Madam Eva is the leader of the Vistani tribes in the Barovian Valley.

The Vistani traders who escorted the adventurers from Orasnou to Barovia Village invited said adventurers to visit her. She is currently at the Vistani encampment in Tser Pool.

Madam Eva displayed initimate knowledge of all the adventurers’ histories, and was expecting them to arrive in order to give them a Tarot reading. According to her, this reading will help them defeat the Darklord.

She also provided them with an archaic coin, which can be used to communicate with the mysterious man in the reflections. The coin must be placed in still water; it was implied that the conversation would be best in private.

The Adventurers were also warned that Vistani people are neither allies or enemies in their campaign against Strahd. Eva advised them not to reveal their plans

Madam Eva

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